Sustainability and cost-effective with
Iron based cathode Materials & cell manufacturing

A revolutionary approach to the sustainable production of customized cathodes with end-to-end activity enables affordable battery development.


Blaze Power is an innovating lithium-ion battery materials manufacturer dedicated to advancing sustainable energy solutions. We specialize in innovating and commercializing iron-based cathode materials, such as Nano-carbon coated Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP), to drive mass-market electrification in transportation and energy storage. By producing these high-performance cathodes in purpose-built, Inflation Reduction Act-compliant facilities, we tackle the lithium battery supply chain challenges head-on. Our sustainable approach eliminates the need for toxic, expensive, and scarce resources, reuses materials from retired batteries, and significantly reduces battery costs, making electric vehicles more affordable. With a focus on optimizing the supply chain and streamlining manufacturing processes, Blaze Power is committed to fostering a cleaner, more sustainable future.


Blaze began its journey in 2021, initially named Blooman Clean Energy, with a clear vision: to create safe, e nergy-dense, cost-effective battery cathode materials and semi-solid cell technology that power a clean and sustainable planet. Recently, Blaze Power has been chosen by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) as an Awardee under the Catalyst program! Our project, "A Sustainable Approach to Making Safer Batteries" has secured funding to propel our mission of developing safer and more efficient electric vehicle batteries, leading the charge toward a greener future. Blaze Power has also got selected and received funding from Resurgence cleantech accelerator, which is powered by Deep Tech Ventures at the University of Chicago’s Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


We carved a niche in the technicalities of battery making:

  1. We have everything needed to make your battery production smoother, faster, and better.
  2. Our strength lies in our diverse expertise. The team specializes in materials science and production technology, enabling innovation at every stage of battery development.
  3. We specialise in addressing and solving the multiple stages of battery production and also excel in integrating each core area—an essential hallmark of excellent research and production.


Blaze Products

We offer customized, low-cost LFP and LMFP cathode materials, as well as highly efficient, safe batteries for EV, consumer, and stationary storage applications. Our in-house production of cathode materials ensures smoother, faster, and more efficient lithium cell manufacturing.

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Blaze Power Technology

Leveraging Scientific Mechanisms for Organic Growth: Our profound understanding of atomic-level sciences, encompassing architecture, crystallinity, and single-phase dynamics, empowers us to grasp complex challenges. Through dedicated research and development, we harness current mechanisms while consistently pursuing cutting-edge technologies to enhance core performance and ensure profitable production. Blaze Power’s streamlined manufacturing process involves a single-step nano-coating and modification of LMFP structures, resulting in increased density and cost-effectiveness. At the core of our philosophy lies customer-centricity, customization, and a traditional work ethic focused on production excellence. Our expertise spans the introduction and resolution of multiple cell-making stages and the strong interconnections between each cell's vital components – a hallmark of our commitment to meticulous research and production standards.

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Highly Safer

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Dr. Arun Kumar

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Rahul Singh

Chief Scientist

Brandon Wright

Operating Advisor

Dr. Sanjeev Mukherjee

Technical Advisor

Dr. Henry Brandhorst

Technical Advisor

Dr. Ethirajulu Dayalan

Technical Advisor