Pioneering Sustainability with
Next-Gen Battery Materials

Championing the power of iron-based cathode materials, driving innovation in transportation and energy storage electrification for a greener future.


Blaze Power is committed to driving the sustainable energy transition by producing high-performance Lithium Manganese Iron Phosphate (LMFP) cathodes. Our innovative approach to cathode material production not only ensures high quality and innovation but also fosters the creation of safe and higher life span battery for EVs and smart electrification applications, all while reducing carbon emissions.


We envision a future shaped by our dedication to the sustainable energy transition. Through the use of our advanced LFP and LMFP technology, we are pioneering high-quality, innovative cathodes that drive the development of secure and efficient batteries for EVs and smart electrification applications. Our visionary approach also prioritizes maintaining cost-effectiveness, a cornerstone of our commitment to creating a greener future.


To leverage affordable, safer, and abundant mineral resources to develop and deploy sustainable energy solutions that positively transform the world, fostering a future where clean energy is accessible to all while minimizing environmental impact and ensuring long-term resource sustainability. Blaze Power's mission is to create innovative solutions for the electrification industry by producing cheaper cathode materials and safer batteries.


Blaze Products

We offer customized, low-cost LFP and LMFP cathode materials, as well as highly efficient, safe batteries for EV, consumer, and stationary storage applications. Our in-house production of cathode materials ensures smoother, faster, and more efficient lithium cell manufacturing.

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Blaze Power Technology

Leveraging Scientific Mechanisms for Organic Growth: Our profound understanding of atomic-level sciences, encompassing architecture, crystallinity, and single-phase dynamics, empowers us to grasp complex challenges. Through dedicated research and development, we harness current mechanisms while consistently pursuing cutting-edge technologies to enhance core performance and ensure profitable production. Blaze Power’s streamlined manufacturing process involves a single-step nano-coating and modification of LMFP structures, resulting in increased density and cost-effectiveness. At the core of our philosophy lies customer-centricity, customization, and a traditional work ethic focused on production excellence. Our expertise spans the introduction and resolution of multiple cell-making stages and the strong interconnections between each cell's vital components – a hallmark of our commitment to meticulous research and production standards.

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Reduces Effort


Highly Safer

Effective Batteries


Long Life

Proprietary Coating Technology


Sagar Pande

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Arun Kumar

Chief Technology Officer

Brandon Wright

Operating Advisor

Dr. Sanjeev Mukherjee

Technical Advisor

Dr. Henry Brandhorst

Technical Advisor

Dr. Ethirajulu Dayalan

Technical Advisor